Oral History

You can listen to and read the transcripts from the oral history section recorded by Chain Bridge Forge. The links are below:

Geoff Dodd

  • Flower Parade Construction
  • Geoff memories of Social Change & Flower Parade
  • Geoff’s War Click here
  • Blacksmithing Day Books – Geoff Dodd talks about the work the Forge was doing as described in the Day (Account) Books – click here
  • Dodd Family History click here
  • Geoff Takes a virtual tour around the Forge describing the buildings and the people – Click here

Transcript of an interview with Geoff Dodd, Geoff Taylor and Tulip Radio Click here

Marcia Egar – Listen to Marcia talking about her life by Clicking here

Stephanie Liquorish – Stephanie talks about her life and helping to construct the Flower Parade Floats. Click here to read and listen to her story

Retfood Wray – An interview with Bob Booth. Click here to read and listen to his story

Alec Willson, Family and May Clark talk about growing up in Spalding     Click here to read and listen to their story

Keith Seaton talks to Geoff Taylor about his family and living in Spalding 
Click here to read and listen to his story


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