S S Mary Birch

Nikolas Sidiropoulos is researching a ship which sank in Greece, it’s name was Mary Birch and was built by Warrens New Holland shipyard.

The facebook page of warrens gives the full story: 

Now with the end of the war and the depression of 1925 shipbuilding was going through a hard time so in 1919 to get work William built vessels under a joint ownership and the shipping firm of Messrs. Birch & Warren was established.
The S S Mary Birch,Margaret Birch,Violet Birch,Gwendoline Birch,these ships were based at Fosdyke on the river Welland.But this shipping company ceased to exist after the death of William and was sold back to Mr. Birch. During this time both at Beverley and New Holland before the death of William 191 ships were constructed , lighters,keels, tugs, and coastal vessels, including the largest coaster built at New Holland the Margaret Birch 135 ft long X 25 ft beam.

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