Rosa Ann Machin from Quadring

This is a publication by Richard Lukey and illustrates the life story of his Great Grandmother who was born in Quadring and whose life often returned to Donington and Quadring.

The true story of Rosa Ann Machin, a young woman from Quadring in rural Lincolnshire who at 15, embarked on a life in service that was to last for 54 years. A life captured in photo and postcard albums she compiled during her lifetime and the contents of a remarkable journal of prose, mostly in her own handwriting.

Reflecting romance, tragedy and amazing loyalty set against the rigidity of Victorian values where the boundaries between upstairs and downstairs sometimes became blurred, living under the same roof as anyone was the way to know them best and the consequences of infidelity could last a life time – irrespective of your position in the household.

(The author is Rosa Ann’s great-grandson and the research was prompted by the discovery of the albums and journal whilst clearing out the family home prior to sale in 2014. They provided an opportunity to find the facts behind the family folklore that surrounded Rosa Ann’s life.)

Click Rosa A Machin to read the document. I have Richard’s contact details if you would like to communicate with him.



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